Welcoming Our New Identity: RockawayX

As a firm, we believe in contributing more to the crypto ecosystem than just the provision of capital. We look for opportunities to equip great founders with extra engineering, liquidity, community-building, and research resources, helping them to ship products faster. This is why we rebranded the firm to RockawayX.

4 November 2022
Investments, Events

What started out as a single fund has grown into a collective of more than 30 technologists, scientists, and engineers across three divisions; venture investing, engineering, and liquidity provisioning, with total assets under management of approximately $500 million.

Since 2018, we have invested in 38 early-stage projects across the Solana, Cosmos, and Ethereum ecosystems, and 27 of the Web3 industry’s most notable funds including a16z, Multicoin Capital, CoinFund, and others. Over 80 percent of our inaugural fund, Rockaway Blockchain Fund l, has now been deployed through direct equity, token and fund investments.

We’ve also launched a market-neutral, fully-regulated credit fund providing liquidity to market makers, exchanges, and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, helping projects to bootstrap working capital or total value locked (TVL). Additionally, we established an engineering division with teams behind institutional-grade staking operations including infrastructure for Axelar and Solana, and RockawayX Labs: an in-house team of engineers dedicated to the development of products on supported blockchains such as the Observatory.

Together, these teams have organized community-building opportunities to connect some of Web3’s best and brightest builders at the Solana Hacker House and Gateway to Cosmos Conference in Prague. We also host investor summits and other events in Europe to help the investment community better understand blockchain technology, digital assets, and why Web3 matters.

Our new brand, RockawayX, captures the firm’s evolution beyond venture investing, as the team continues to contribute to the decentralization of blockchains by running independent infrastructure, developing products, and providing additional liquidity for projects to grow. While we continue to look for early-stage startups that are ready to take leaps, we have now assembled a crew of engineers and scientists helping the pioneers of Web3 to ship exceptional products.

Founders madeX

At the heart of the new RockawayX identity is Founders madeX (Founders made exponential), an ethos reflecting the exponential growth of great founders when they are supported by a diverse and experienced team. We look for early-stage startups who often need technical help, so we have assembled a team of engineers, researchers, and developers helping to accelerate go-to-market strategies. We understand the isolation founders often feel, and we know that every exponential function begins with a 1. RockawayX is here to become the eXtra founder in your business and prepare for the next wave of consumer adoption.

Whether the world is bullish or bearish, we’re always on the lookout for founders and teams that we believe could build the future of Web3. This is why we chose the exponential - a chance to shape a future far beyond what anyone thought possible. The exponential growth starts with youX.

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