Gateway to Cosmos 2023: The Largest Cosmos Community Event in Europe

2 May 2023

Good news: We’re launching Gateway to Cosmos again this year! It will take place in Prague, June 3-5, during Prague Blockchain Week, when the city will be booming with crypto friends.

What is Gateway to Cosmos: After a successful inaugural 2022 2-day event, which attracted 500+ attendees, we are excited to take this gathering to the next level this year. It will be a 3-day event for 1000+ Cosmonauts, showcasing the ecosystem’s leading use cases, technical roadmap developments, and adjacent technologies with the potential to advance the most exciting web3 use cases.

Watch the 2022 aftermovie here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get plugged into the center of the Cosmos universe!


  • The 1st day will be about launching the rocket into Cosmos, showcasing the best use cases already in production and projects launching in near future. You will listen to key ecosystem speakers from CosmosInterchainInformalAgoricCelestiaSommelier, and others.
  • The 2nd day will be about steering the rocket in the right direction. Topics discussed include governance, IBC, MEV, decentralization and other under the hood topics.
  • The 3rd day focuses on launching new Cosmonauts into the space. We plan to open the doors for developers without any previous blockchain experience and help them get familiar with the ecosystem and how to get started.

Throughout the conference, well-curated lightning talks will feature project leads delivering quick recaps of their efforts, important milestones approaching, and will leave the group with an understanding of key developments in the pipeline and/or ways they can get involved or use the tech immediately.

Attendees include leaders of prominent Cosmos / IBC projects: Dean Tribble, CEO at Agoric; Zaki Manian, Co-Founder at Sommelier Protocol; Guy Zyskind, Founder of Secret, and Sunny Aggarwal, Co-Founder of Osmosis Labs, among many others.

During all 3 days, there will be partner lounges and booths available for you to engage with project and strategic vendor teams.

We are adding a dedicated area for developers, consisting of 3 rooms - 2 workshop rooms and a Hackers’ Lounge. 75-minute workshops will be hosted by leading projects using Cosmos / IBC tech throughout the whole conference. Hackers’ Lounge is a place to escape the crowds and develop in a more peaceful environment hosted by Neutron.

After each day full of inspiration and information, you can look forward to evening social events including: Demo night, validator meetups, and parties in historical and trendy venues throughout Prague.

Gateway to Cosmos is the one-stop-shop conference for all Cosmos contributors and evangelists. The ever-growing Cosmos community deserves a place to connect, network, and strategize on the path forward for the Internet of Blockchains. The best time to build is now!

Visit official Gateway website to get your ticket as soon as possible!

Gateway to Cosmos 2023

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